Ventura Sport 1 – Paal Centraal 1

Lees dit even in de stem van David Attenborough van Planet Earth:

In mid-spring of 2024, a battle for survival and utter dominance unfolded. This is the story of nine rare subspecies of green tiger, who embarked on a journey to win back long-awaited territory. This is the story of the four females, Panthera tigris brouwera, tigris onninki, tigris hooghwerffus and tigris koertsi, and the five males, Panthera tigris herrera, tigris locheri, tigris mulderae, tigris groenendijkus and tigris kordessi. Already in the previous autumn, the green tigers (apart from tigris kordessi, who was leading another pack elsewhere) were able to win back important territory, ensuring that they could move away from the dark terrain known as the “kelderklasse”. Even though she fought mightily, one other subspecies of green tiger did not make it to the spring of 2024. The Panthera tigris vanderweerdus, well known for her vicious running attacks in which she baffles her opponents, unfortunately went extinct. Nevertheless, rumour has it that this particular tiger has actually lost its green colour and now resides somewhere in Nepal.

It was early April, the trees were starting to blossom, and in Roosendaal the nine green tigers were planning their first attack of the new hunting season. The opponent was unprepared and apparently not “fit” enough to withstand such ferocity, which meant the only thing they could do was concede. The same happened in the green fields of Nieuwpoort not much later. Even the counter attacks by both of these opponents in Delft were swiftly quashed. It was soon clear the green tigers could not be stopped anymore, which they celebrates with rather bizarre social behaviour called the “doucheborrel”. Nevertheless, on Saturday the eighth of June one last attack was planned, and it would be against an opponent they already successfully warded off in late April. The tigers went on a long journey to the last bit of territory yet to be conquered: the rural plains of Strijen. An ancient alpha leader, called Panthera tigris teeuwentis, was even resurrected from the dead to help plan the attack. Next to this, two additional tigers, called Panthera tigris dominicus (also known as tigris shaqtalaquntulus) and tigris trappi, provided important support during the last leg of the attack. Despite the opponent’s peace offering in the form of flowers, the green tigers decided to annihilate them anyway. The matriarch of the tigers, Panthera tigris hooghwerffus, had done her duty and recaptured her homeland. Now, finally, she will be able to retire, confident with the knowledge that the other green tigers will be able to find their way without her. Despite this, it is undeniable she will be dearly missed.

For now, I would like to thank everyone who has helped these tigers flourish this year, whether it was through their contributions in battle or simply by showing their unwavering support. No one knows what the next hunting season will bring, but one thing is certain: despite their rarity, green tigers will never go extinct. Their might is undeniable and their hunger for more unstoppable. Perhaps, when they venture out again to new horizons in the new year, even more terrain will be graced with the reign of the one and only Green Tigers…