Paal Centraal 4 – ‘t Capproen 2

Last weekend, Paal Centraal 4 played against ‘t Capproen 2 as the one mtach before the end of indoor hall season. ‘t Capproen 2 was already the champion, and they never lost. For Paal Centraal, on the other hand, this was a chance to increase their chances of becoming third in the pool.

Initial Lineup was as:

Tiese, Niels, Lyanne and Lucia in offense


Wieatse, Matin, Bernice and Lisa in defense

The first half started while ‘t Capproen 2 tried to put a lot of pressure in defending, so it makes it difficult for PC4 to score.  During the first half PC4 had few faults and it was not anymore easy to bring the ball from defense to atttack after intrecepting the ball. Moreover, it was also not easy for ‘t Capproen 2 to score since defending was very good.

The first goal was for ‘t Capproen 2 in minute 4 with a distance shot.

In the minute 9, unfortunately Niels got injured and therefore Floris replaced him. The game continues with no goals and tight defending from bith sides. ‘t Capproen 2 succeeds to score their second goal again from a distance shot.  Only two goals during the first half, demonstartes both tems were not taking risks.

1st Half Scoreboard :  Paal Centraal4  0-2  ‘t Capproen 2

Second half starts withchanges by Dennis in lineup; Myra went in for Lisa and Naomi replaced Lyanne. The first goal of the second half was for Paal Centraal 4; Wietse scored a distance shot. Subsequently, ‘t Capproen 2 won a penalty made by Naomi/Ties. So they scored their 3rd goal. This followed by another goal  with a distance shot from ‘t Capproen 2, so far 4-1 for ‘t Capproen2 . Paal centraal come back moment! floris, bernice and wietse scored three goals in a row for PC4. The first two were distance shots and the goal by wietse was a running ball.  This equals two team at 4 goals. ‘t Capproen2  did not set back and did their best to score again. Two more goals by ‘t Capproen2 and 4-6 for them. Only two minutes to the end of the match, wietse completes his hatrick. In the last minute, Paal Centraal 4 could not equalize and unfortunately we lost 5-6 to the champion.

Scoreboard : Paal Centraal4  5-6 ‘t Capproen2

In three weeks, we will have our final match, so we can secure our 4th position.